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PRICES 2019-2020

Spring - River Boat - Road - Quad - Argo

May 1 - June 15th Spring Black Bear

Black Bear $3000 US

Second Bear $1000 US


Fall - River Boat - Road - Quad - Argo


Bull Moose September 1st to October 15th - $8500 US

6 Point Elk September 5-15 (Liard) $9750 US


Combo Hunt

Moose and Elk September 5th to 15th $15,000 US


Wolf - Trophy Fee's





Nelson River Outfitters Policy on Wounded Game

Our company policy on wounded game is if you draw blood that is your animal.

We are committed to the retrieval of any and all wounded game. Our search does not end when you leave. We make a point to return to the location on later hunts and look for ravens or predators working the kill site.

Everyone loses in the case of a critically wounded animal, especially the animal, so be sure of your shot. Try not to take poor percentage shots, do not shoot if the animal is too far away or in a position that a second shot is not probable. The final decision on whether you shoot or not is in your hands as the hunter, so only pull the trigger when everything feels good.


Trophy Preparation:

All capes, heads and hides will be cared for by your guide in a professional manner in preparation for the taxidermist. Allowances must be made for your guide to diligently process the trophies when they are harvested. Keep in mind that generally the day after the harvest is spent in camp processing and is considered one of your hunt days.